Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read the information below. It includes vital information regarding cancellation policies and services available at the vineyard and may help you with planning your holiday. The contract for a short term holiday rental will be between Road Green Vineyard (referred to as ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’ and the person making the booking and all members of the holiday party referred to as ‘you’ or ‘your’)

Any guest found to be repeatedly breaking any of our below rules will be asked to leave the Vineyard immediately without refund.

Payment Policy
A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remaining 50% due 1 month before your stay. Payment can be made via BACs. We do not accept cheques.

Cancellation/No-show Policy
In the event of a cancellation more than 14 days before your stay, we will provide a full refund. For cancellations with less than 14 day notice we will refund 50% of the booking cost. There will be no refunds for no shows.

Force Majeure
We won’t be deemed to be in breach of the Contract or otherwise liable to you by reason of any delay in performance or non performance is caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control (e.g. if access to and use of our property is prevented by fire, flood, exceptional weather conditions epidemics, pandemics, destruction/damage, internet or other communications failure, blocked roads, war/terrorism, nuclear/radioactive disaster affecting us or our property – these are sometimes referred to as ‘Force Majeure Events’). In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your stay for any reason before your holiday is due to begin, then a full refund will be given. This will be the full extent of our liability and no additional compensation, expense or costs (such as travel or replacement lodging cost) will be payable.

Travel Insurance
We strongly recommend that you take out an appropriate travel insurance policy to give you peace of mind that your financial commitment is protected, should you be forced to cancel your holiday for any reason.

Arrival / Departure Procedures
Check-in time is after 4pm.
Check out is at 10am prompt on the day of departure.

We expect guests to leave the Grape Escape cabin in a clean and tidy condition. All refuse and recycling must be deposited in the refuse collection bags provided. Please place all used bedding and towels in the bag provided. Do not remove the pillow and duvet protectors . Please remove ALL food from the Grape Escape on your departure. We reserve the right to charge you extra if you donot adhere to this.

Breakages / Damages
We reserve the right to charge you an additional fee should the Grape Escape be left in an unsatisfactory condition or if there is any damage to the cabin or the furnishings therein. It is requested that guests advise us in the event of an accident or any damage that may occur.

Smoking is not permitted inside the Grape Escape (including e-cigarettes/vapes). Please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly, and do not leave them on the cabin decking or on the field/vineyard floor.

Well behaved dogs are very welcome. Please ensure they are kept under your control, and that you clear up after them.

No outside fires or BBQ’s to be lit in the vineyard.
Chinese lanterns and fireworks are strictly prohibited.

Group Bookings
Our Grape Escape cabin is primarily designed for couples, but can accomodate up to four people. We regret we are unable to accommodate hen and stag parties.

Complaints Procedure
We take all comments from our guests very seriously and in the unlikely event that you need to make a complaint you may contact the Vineyard owners directly by telephone on 07855808303 or email us and we will respond. We will attempt to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Code of Conduct
Noise pollution is taken seriously. We expect all guests to respect the beautiful rural setting and keep noise to a minimum.

We expect all our visitors to respect the quiet, unspoilt and tranquil nature of our site and look after the Vineyard and the Grape Escape cabin you are staying in. Gates should always be shut behind you. Please pick up your litter and dispose of in the correct manner. We reserve the right to ask you to leave without refund if your behaviour is considered inappropriate or offensive.

You are welcome to take a walk down to the next field to meet our donkeys and alpacas. Please ensure you do not let them out of their fenced areas, and do not feed them. Please take care around them.

Extra Visitors
By prior arrangement only, we may allow extra visitors on site during your stay (we reserve the right to refuse the request). All extra visitors must be off site by 10pm. Under no circumstances must the overnight occupancy of The Grape Escape cabin exceed the maximum permitted (4), or exceed the number that we have been advised of at the time of booking. We shall be allowed the right of entry to the property at all reasonable times for purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance.

We take no responsibility for any damage that occurs to your property or car whilst on site unless such losses have occurred as a direct result of our negligence. No responsibility will be taken for any personal injuries to yourselves or any of your party. The site is a rural, outdoor environment and it is your responsibility to ensure that you take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of yourselves and your family.

Vehicles are not allowed by the side of the Grape Escape cabin. Please park your car in the car park.

Age Restriction
We do not accept bookings from unaccompanied adults aged 21 or under.

Road Green is a working vineyard. There may be times during your stay when people are in the vineyard working. We will aim to give you notice about whether to expect to see people. It will primarily be during week days. You are very welcome to walk around the vines. However, please do not touch the vines and grapes.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Rules and Regulations – to ensure the safe and enjoyable use of the hot tub, guests are required to read and adhere to the following safety rules and user instructions.

Safety Rules
• People with heart disease, high or low blood pressure, any serious illness or who are pregnant, should NOT use the hot tub without consulting their doctor first.
• People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections should not use the hot tub to avoid spreading infection.
• Be aware that the heat of the water can speed up the effects of alcohol.
• Do not immerse your head in the water as it increases the risk of infection (and you could drown)
• Do not use electrical appliances near the water to avoid electric shocks.
• Do not use any contaminants such as bubble bath, oils etc in the water.
• The flue is protected by a guard and you should not make any attempt to touch the guard or flue whilst the burner is lit. The heater door may also be hot and should be opened using the insulated handle.
• Never allow the water temperature to go over 40°C
• Do not use the hot tub after a heavy meal or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or sedatives.
• We have a zero drug policy. Any users found in possession of drugs or attempting to consume drugs will be asked to leave the hot tub premises immediately. No refunds will be given and police will be notified.

Hot Tub User Instructions
1. Read and adhere to the above Safety Rules
2. Changes into bathing costume, strictly no underwear or daywear allowed in the hot tubs.
3. Use the toilet before entering the hot tub.
4. Shower thoroughly with soap and water before using the hot tub to remove lotions, deodorants, creams etc.
5. Please place the hot tub lid on the decking whilst the hot tub is in use. Do not dive into the hot tub. Take care when entering and leaving, the surfaces may be slippery when wet. Place two hands on the top rim when using the steps as these may also be slippery and unstable.
6. Keep glass and sharp objects away from the hot tub. Please only use plastic drinking glasses.
7. Depending on the water temperature, it is advised that you should not stay immersed in the hot tub for longer than 15 minutes per 1 hour.
8. Do not empty the hot tub yourself.
If you have any other queries regarding your stay, please contact Road Green Vineyard directly on 07855808303